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Brierfield station entrance (SC)

Brierfield station opened in February 1849 and was originally called Marsden Station serving a scattering of dwellings that formed the township of Marsden. The arrival of the railway and the nearby canal led to the area being quickly developed. Large Mills were constructed nearby with homes for the mill workers built nearby. In 1857 the station was renamed Brierfield.

The large mill adjacent to the station, Brierfield Mill was built by Henry Tunstill who was both a local employer and benefactor. At its peak the mill, built in 1834, housed 87,000 spindles and 2,000 looms. The gas works adjacent to the mill was originally built by the Tunstill family who sold it to the corporation in 1888.

The station once boasted a collection of buildings but now just the old Station Master’s house survives adjacent to the platform. Another survivor from Lancashire and Yorkshire days is the Signal Box which controls the level crossing.

An enthusiastic Friends of Station group exists here and their contribution to the station’s appearance cannot be emphasised enough.

There is great deal of countryside to explore in the Pendle area and the Walking in Pendle website has lots of ideas. Click HERE to see details of walks. In some cases you may need to take a bus to get from your station to the starting point of the walk, click HERE for details of local bus services.

Pendle Borough Council also organises an annual walking festival and details about the 2010 festival can be found by clicking HERE.


Brierfield Station
Halifax Road

Grid Reference

SD 845364 – for a map visit and enter the grid reference.


Northern Rail Ltd.

Timetable 8 December 2013 to 17 May 2014

Colne to Preston & Blackpool South

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  • Unstaffed station
  • Hourly service to Colne & Preston and Blackpool South
  • Single platform
  • Waiting shelter
  • Additional seating on Platform
  • Car park (20 spaces)
  • Long Line Public Address
  • Community notice board

To see National Rail’s new station facilities page for this station click here.

Other Information

  • Bus stops on Colne Road at top of hill from station – click here for bus timetables
  • For ab us map of the Burnley & Pendle area click here
  • Rail User Group – Save the East Lancashire Line Association (contact Simon Clarke on 01772 531044 for more information)
  • Friends of Station Group – Friends of Brierfield Station (contact Brian Haworth on 01772 533196)

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